So my friends and I are going to be integrated into burn culture by our veteran friends at the upcoming Georgia burn next week… (Euphoria!) I’m going to be well prepared, volunteering, and preventing moop. I won’t be a sparkle pony!

Anyway, our camp name is for when asked what camp we’re a part of we answer “Camp >insert random unintelligible sound/screech here<” I’m sure we’ll eventually become a sound camp once we grow, since our name implies it.


I got everything in these two pictures for $6! Squeeeee!!

I felt like I got slapped in the face by my childhood when I saw the sailor moon stuff….

Although I no longer have stretched ears, I can spot quality when I see it. I plan on giving away these beautiful 0g purple/turquoise dichroic glass (single flare) plugs at Euphoria in March. I’m so excited!

I plan on wearing that necklace at the burn so if you see me say hi!